Cee Ray update ("wet air fills")

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Posted by Eins on September 22, 2000 at 19:27:41:

These messages were relayed to me as a response from the Cee Ray WRT the complaints about wet air fills. I'll pass them along as I received them:

1. First came this:
" Sure thing Don - thanks for the heads up. I know that
there was a problem
that has been correct with one of the compressors.
Once this was brought to
our attention we immediately stopped using that
compressor and it has since
been serviced and it now fine.

I will get with the captain, Michael Lancaster and
form an article for you
to circulate. Thanks again."

2. Then came this:
"Okay Don - I just spoke to the Captain and here is the
real deal - my first e-mail was incorrect. Please
give me a call ASAP - (xxx) xxx-xxxx as I'm not sure
if my note below explains it very well.

There are a few different types of air compressor
systems. On the Cee Ray our works as follows:
We fill four tanks four at a time on each side of the
air stations, and there are check values on each whip
that were leaking, letting air from one tank to
another go through to another, and there were some
tanks that came on board that had water in them and
then we passed it on to the other tanks. The water
did not come from our system. When it was brought to
our attention, we immediately replaced those check
We do not carry storage bottles, and to be aware most
boats that carry storage bottles do have a problem
passing water through their air system, because the
storage bottles store condensation due to the fact of
being rapidly hot filled and drained rapidly - which
builds the condensation. So obviously the people that
have been on the boat were unaware of this and our
check values didn't catch it and we had inadvertently
passed it on, they had obviously been on board a boat
that had this type of system before boarding ours.
All three of our compressors are in great shape.
We have also made other upgrades to the CeeRay
recently with upgrading the
decking, as well as re-doing the floor surface in both
heads that contain
fresh hot water showers. We will also soon be raising
the tank racks for
easier access to put on tanks. We've also recently
added a latte machine in
the galley - so divers can enjoy a fresh brewed latte
for only $1.00"

You have to decide what your take-out is.


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