Re: Hmmm. I do not think this proves it!

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Posted by MHK on October 02, 2000 at 16:19:16:

In Reply to: Hmmm. I do not think this proves it! posted by Wayne on October 02, 2000 at 15:47:35:

No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said that crushed neoprene compresses at depth, EINS, in essence, called me a liar at said as that it does NOT... I'm not interested, atleast for purposes of my bet, exactly how much... EINS was clear, he was right, I ( allegedly mis resprested the issue) and that crushed neoprene is already pre compressed an then therefore does NOT compress at depth.. I have provided an analyisis from the foremost authorty on the issue. There is NO way in the world that I am letting EINS off the hook by now discussing the notion of *materiality*.. If you follow the thread that started this the notion of materiality was raised and he said that it does NOT compress.. He wants to debate semantice, he wants to call me a liar, he wants to challenge every God Damn syllable that I write, than at some point he needs to be held accountable because he has turned this list into a Congressional hearing in that we need to debate every syllable to the umpteenth degree.

Bruce Weinke has proven that crushed neoprene compresses at depth. I have provided detailed citations and there is no way that he is getting off the hook... You guys can not have it both ways... I would prefer to discuss generics on this list, than when I do EINS leads the charge in challenging every thing that I say. They when I prove time and time again that he has no clue what the hell he is talking about I start hearing about the level of detail..

If you want to challenge the physics call Bruce Weinke because everyone else in the industry seems to accept his theories...

If giving Bruce Weinke's specific equations to show it DOES compress at depth isn't enough then there is nothing more I can, or am willing to do.. It just means that you are to set in your ways and don't want to hear anything else...

There is no question that EINS is WRONG, he once again over stepped his area of expertise, I once again proved him wrong and it is getting tiresome to come on here, give my time and experienced only to be challenged by someone who doesn't posses the necessary knowledge or experience to challenge me and then I waste a lot of time showing him why he is wrong and then the defintion get's changed..

EINS was clear, he was right, I was wrong... I proved I was right so to the victor goes the spoils and he should pay up, he should apologize and he should gain some credibilty before he challenges me again....


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