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Posted by Eric Sedletzky on October 10, 2000 at 08:29:31:

I have set a date for the campout, August 10,11,12, 2001. I will probably get up there on thursday (9th).
Now, I still need to call Anchor Bay CG to make sure everything is going to be cool with them. I will do that today.

As for your responses: This is great!! Hopefully we will get more people as time goes on. For now though I would like to keep the origins of this Idea exclusively with this board since You people are the ones that gave me the idea. Besides, it would be fun to finally meet everyone that contributes to this board.

Now to answer a few questions:

Seahunt, Patty: Mid August it is. School is not in yet for those of us with kids, and it will not interfere with lobster season.

Mike: I use a 6.5mm one pc. wet suit for Ab diving, and a 2 pc. O'neill farmer john for scuba. Count on the water being 50-53 degrees.
I personally do not see a reason to waste money on a drysuit.

Brianc: This will give you much more exposure that just diving Gerstle , and Monterey is cool but in my opinion can be somewhat sterile compared to what you can find up here. Gerstle can be cool sometimes because you get to see what a 12" Ab looks like (protected park).

Eins: Absolutely kayak diving! I can't think of a better area for this. For those of you that would like to try kayaks I can suggest renting one at Wind Toys in Santa Rosa on the way up. I think they run about $30 a day but you have to have a roof rack and I don't know if they rent those.

If for any reason it won't work at Anchor Bay I know of many more campgrounds up and down the coast that are beautiful.
The only drawback to Anch. Bay is that it is close to the road and you get trucks hitting their jake brakes coming down the hill, but at night the traffic tapers off. This is only a factor in the furthest inland campsites. On the sites closer to the beach you do not get this.
Even considering this, Anch. Bay is still my first choice.
Some of you may want to consider coming up for a week or two, and do some serious touring. You could go through the wine country and explore some of the small towns in the region.
Anyway, I will continue to post info as I set this thing up.

Remember, you must have fun!

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