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Posted by kelphead on October 10, 2000 at 11:16:56:

In Reply to: Re: Rec Trimix (Triox) posted by JR Gordon on October 09, 2000 at 19:14:34:

"Helium had absolutely nothing to do with his death and your
reference is tanamount to "witch hunting". It is irrresponsible for you to warn others to the risks of
something you apparently have only a peripheral understanding of. It is this type of scare tactics from a
vocal yet uneducated source that hinders the education and advancement of knowledge. The dynamics
of mixed gases are simple and easy to learn. The effects of Nitrogen while diving are dramatically
underestimated as evidenced by the alarming number of scuba deaths we've seen this year. Please
take the time to get educated and you will then better understand the simple dynamics of mixed gas
diving. It is simply safer!"


jr, please, do yourself a favor and go back and reread
my post. please, point out to me where i EVER
mentioned helium in relation to ron fuller--i didn't.

what i DID mention was the risk of EXPERIMENTING
W/ONE'S OWN BODY--it doesn't matter if it was
w/a machine or w/a gas, my point to jim was to
please be careful when he 'tinkers' or 'experiments'
w/his own body w/o going by some sort of published
standard. ((the experimenting part was in relation
to ron fuller's death: ie, he was experimenting
on his own body by instead using a home-made machine.))

yes, i do admit that i am naive about trimix--why
else am i asking about it to broaden my horizon?????--
but i was only showing concern for another diver
who was EXPERIMENTING w/something. that was my
message. i don't believe that is foolish advice--
just as it is not foolish advice when OTHERS on this
board get upset that experienced divers "recklessly"
talk about solo diving to "inexperienced and naive"
divers who may be reading this board. my show of
concern was in that same exact vein.

there was no so-called "witch hunting" here.

thanx!! for your other comments.


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