A day at Catalina

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Posted by H2o on December 20, 1999 at 13:44:47:

Saturday the 18th. I just had to tell somebody how "AWSOME" this day was. My buddy & I left back bay Newport at 7:00a.m. heading straight toward Ship Rock (Catalina). The swells were 'non-existant'. So, needless to say, it looked like a big lake. Just before arriving, we were pleasured with a long visit of thousands of miniature dolphins jumping out of the water right and left. For about 3 miles we watched them race back and forth launching themselves across the bow and under the 24ft. Donzi. What a 'bitchen' site watching the morning sun gleeming off their shiny skins as they sail into the air with contentment.
Ship Rock was a beautiful dive. Surrounded by kelp stalks rising to meet the surface, my buddy and I circled half the Rock then returned to the boat empty handed (no catch).
We then headed to Casino Pt. where the visability was 75+. Spotted a Pacific Electric Ray approx. 3ft. diam. which my buddy somehow convinced to touch, only after he himself was 'shocked', unbeknownst to me. Of course I experienced that same shock. I guess you haven't 'lived' 'till you've been shocked my an Electric Ray.
That, and Oscar (the 30lb. sheephead) was the thrill of the day. Oh, and the siting of a sea lion (twice under two different rocks)in desperate need of a nap. Sorry bud, go nap.
The trip back was 'unbeleivably' even smoother than the morning.
We were definately blessed that day!!!

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