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Posted by MHK on December 20, 1999 at 15:35:42:

In Reply to: Re: Missing diver posted by robert on December 18, 1999 at 23:46:41:


Chill out a bit dude!!!! While I think it may some day be appropriate to discuss this club's activities, and I've seen them firts hand, I don't think stepping on someone's grave is the appropriate time.

And I think the webmaster was correct in his editing. If you look at the NG charter you will see the rules by which this NG is intended to be conducted. Have you not seen the wars that go on on the tech list or rec.scuba. If you want to denegrate the discussion do it on one of those lists.

Do you not realize that a wife and child are without a father/ husband during christmas and going into the next century???

I had the unfortunate experience of bringing a body up off the Andrea Doria this summer. Afterwards the tech list ripped this poor guys diving habits apart. In fact going so far as to say he deserved to die because he was a f*cking idiot etc etc etc. I took the same position then that I'm taking now. About 2 weeks after the incident I received an unsolicited e mail from his sister and wife saying that they had gone on the net to see if they could learn any additional facts and that they were appaled and what was happening in light of his death. And they wondered how divers could be so cruel to a fallen commrade. They thanked me for being the lone voice in favor of the fallen.

Diving is diving, and while we should all follow the rules, not raid traps etc. This isn't the time or place.

Just my thoughts for the holiday season.


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