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Posted by Kevin Rottner on November 07, 2000 at 12:08:23:

In a humble effort to return this board to reality, I post the following:


I sit at my desk with the telephone in my hand, on hold once again.

My mind begins to drift into a daydream of friends and wreckdiving, a perfect outing filled with comradery and adventure. I am going wreckdiving this weekend.

The USS Moody has always been one of my favorite wrecks, so much to see so much to explore. I can hardly wait to get back on her this Saturday. A World War One Clemson Class Destroyer right off of San Pedro ! Twisted superstructure, blown in half, pipes and valves covered with life !

Sunday its going to be a day on the " Ace-One ". Its another military ship, a LCI(L) Landing Craft Infantry- Large. I think I am gonna spend all my bottom time deep inside of her, just roaming and looking. Each compartment adds to the "funny house" feeling as you swim through her because she is completely UPSIDE DOWN !

The next two weekends are all going to be local wrecks. Mostly Palos Verdes I think. Its so darn beautiful around December, the vis just gets fantastic. The Avalon, Gratia, Dominator, Melrose and Newbern are all on my list. Not just for the wrecks but also the spearfishing and lobster hunting. Maybe even a run out to the Star of Scotland ( HMS Mistletoe ) way off the Santa Monica pier. All these wrecks have been battered by storms and worn by erosion and corrosion, but thats what makes them so characteristic. Shallow wrecks means lots of bottom time !

Of course December 3 is my favorite dive of the year. Its our annual trip to the Valiant. What a piece of local history, just sitting in the sand off Catalina. So many nooks and cranies to explore and shine your light into, you almost wish they would just drop filled cylinders over the side of the boat to you. The saddest part of the day is the end of the last dive, looking back at what I will always remember as the very first wreck I dove so long ago.

Thats my gameplan for the next month, work my but off during the day and dive wrecks on the weekends. Interested in some of these local gems ?? Then you gotta check out http://www.cawreckdivers.org/Wrecks

I would like to request extra credit for this post because I did not mention liftbags, crowbars, primacord or brasso. Ooops, I just blew my extra credit.

What are you upcoming dive plans ??
(rude people need not respond thanx)


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