Re: yes? What about the Matterhorn?

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Posted by seahunt on November 16, 2000 at 12:55:59:

In Reply to: Re: yes? What about the Matterhorn? posted by Jason on November 15, 2000 at 20:14:52:

I don't know how deep deep is. I know that divers are pretty safe on the surface and that about the time they get to 300 feet they stand a good chance of dieing. Somewhere in there, the depth gets dangerous and no matter the diver, the training or the gear, the danger is still right there above them. Some of the dangers change with different gear and gasses, but the danger of the depth is still right there. The susceptability to this danger is different for different people and it differs for them from day to day. That is just one of the major unknowns that that can cause a person to suddenly feel that danger get real close.
At the Matterhorn, the danger is not just defined by depth though or even exposure, it is defined by its history. Divers have gotten killed and badly bent there. Maybe new techniques make it safer. They should, but the danger is still there and some just bad luck could allow it to grab a diver... and it's a powerful grip down there. Hard to break.
You tell me when depth becomes dangerous. If you say it doesn't, I'll have to assume that you mean pretty shallow depths.
Are you saying that deep diving or the Matterhorn is not dangerous? Then why all the fancy gear, advanced training and rigid procedures? Because it is very dangerous and MHK set the dive up. If he doesn't believe it is dangerous, then why the rigid requirents?
In any case, this discussion has never been about deep diving or even solo diving. It's about personality. I've tried to give MHK a break, because talking to people I've heard he's a pretty good guy. His DIR demos sound like a good idea too, but on this board he's a jerk and I'm just handing it back to him. I don't care if he dives deep or any other way or who he takes with him, but his arrogance and self rightousness are so irritating, that I can't resist pointing it out. He said he doesn't promote dangerous practices and feels that he must point it out when others do. Well he does promote dangerous practices (deep diving) and I feel like pointing it out.
Which do you disagree with? Deep isn't dangerous (then please explain why DIR) or that MHK set up a deep dive. Sure, the top of the Matterhorn is only 120 feet, but I would be surprised if no one passes 200 feet on that trip. Is that not deep? If not what is?
Really though, it's about throwing stones.
Enjoy, seahunt

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