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Posted by John Walker on November 16, 2000 at 19:13:50:

In Reply to: Re: It's posted by AADIVER on November 16, 2000 at 08:14:43:

Frank, its pristine. Lots of marine life. No spearfisherman or wreck divers.
The only fatality that I have heard of is presumed to be a suicide about 5 years ago.
Keep in mind that nitrogen is bending people not depth. I'm not referring to neurological hits because I believe that is more of an anatomical issue as in pulmonary shunts, PFO's ect..
All tissues will uptake and release gas's at the same rate except for FAT tissues. Nitrogen is highly soluable in FATS and highly retentive in FATS. Helium is not.
Modern thoughts says to not dive deep on air which is high in soluable nitrogen. The Bend can come in many shapes and sizes. Its not nearly as simple as saying type 1 or type 2 DSC. I believe I have imposed damage to my own body in past dives and think many people are damaging them selfs with nitrogen problem and are unable to recognize so.
Helium is a simple way to reduce both the FO2 and FN2. The perfusion of He is much less insulting on our bodies tissues than N2. There is a great reduction in narcosis which in my opinion is a perk in itself.
Air is dense at depth requiring us do work for each breath. Helium jettisons out of the reg. This causes less CO2 build up. Breathing air deep will cause CO2 to build thus further complicating issues that we are trying to combate from nitrogen. Some of these issues are inflamation of tissues, diuresis, acidosis, altered imune response system, brain stem lesions and more than likely things that we are unaware of.


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