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Posted by kelphead on November 19, 2000 at 23:20:53:

In Reply to: Now for a really dumb question posted by msblucow on November 17, 2000 at 18:30:11:

yeah, what gerry said, plus:

**the northeast divers seem to like the rock
boots that 'dui' suits come with b/c they
are better to walk on the rocky beaches there, apparently.

the drysuit divers i know who dive in the northeast
really really like the rock boots.

i don't know of any other drysuit company that
sells/uses separate hiking boots w/their drysuits
besides 'dui', but i could be wrong.

you can also use these rock boots as regular shoes
(they come w/their own insole), which begs the q
of whether one can use any old canvas boots over one's
drysuit attached feet just as long as they fit
into the fin pockets.

((oh! btw, many divers seem to have to buy new
larger sized fins to be able to fit their 'dui'
rock boots--usually one size larger; i and a couple
of other 'dui' drysuit divers actually did NOT need
to invest in another pair of larger sized fins. i
have narrow feet and i think w/the foot insulation
and the rock boots, my feet fit quite snugly in my
fins whereas before they were a bit loose in them.
but that is yet another consideration to keep in
mind: you may have to invest in a pair of new larger
sized fins.))

**as far as keeping your feet dry, well, the attached
'boots' on the drysuit, as jon mentioned, do that,
but you will need insulation to keep them WARM.
the insulation i use includes: coolmax sock liners
to wick away perspiration; the thickest wool socks
i could find at 'rei'; neoprene socks known as 'warmers',
also from 'rei'.

hope that helps.

= : )


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