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Posted by seahunt on November 20, 2000 at 17:35:15:

In Reply to: Lingcod posted by Eric Sedletzky on November 19, 2000 at 22:00:53:

Wow again! That sounds like a neet explore dive. Of course, if you find
any treasure from that wreck, it's going to have splinters in it...
Just right for building a UW habitat.
I did a lot of free diving when I was up there, but only did a few
scuba dives when I was at school in Bodega Bay. I really wish that I
could have spent more time with tanks. Unfortunately, when at Bodega I
had no transport and was subject to UC diving rules when at the lab. I
did get to dive in Horsershoe Cove though. I talked to some old timers
that used to go there before the UC lab was built and they were still
pissed that it was now off limits (What? 15 years later?). Most
of the other times I was diving up there it was a quick bandito run up,
jump in the water and drive back to SJ or SC... The styles at
Ft. Ross... Windmill Cove... You know about that stuff. That's how
you get out in the big and cruddy stuff. Of course, I sorta think I
liked the free diving better than the scuba anyway. More freedom of
move. More lush in the shallows. It's incredible when you
find any sea mount or even a big rock up there. They tend to be so
exposed that the diving feels completely primeival. There is enough
mystery up there to last me a lifetime.
A spot I wanted to dive, just because it looks spectacular, is that
small island near the mouth of Bodega Bay. Unfortunately, it's also
probably one of the best places there is to meet a landlord.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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