Re: SCUBA is marketed as "safe"

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Posted by kelphead on November 22, 2000 at 13:39:13:

In Reply to: SCUBA is marketed as "safe" posted by JRM on November 21, 2000 at 18:57:33:

"...but I really do feel that the reason people consider their training as just another thing to be faster, easier, cheaper is that
SCUBA really isn't being advertised as the dangerous sport that it is. And yet it actually has formal training and certification."

yeah, i agree w/you there and perhaps this
is a 'ploy' by the industry to try to get more
people in(?).

as far as the perceptions of others, i will
tell you that both on this board as well as another
board, i and others have made sure that when someone
wants to tread down the scuba diving
path, these would-be students know not to fall into
the trap of faster/cheaper. i (based on my experience)
and others do advise others to seek the more thorough
route and not to even think about those weekend
types of courses (which i know some people here
don't have a problem with). once this is ingrained
into their heads, the would-be students reply that
they will indeed make sure their training is thorough
and that they master skills, etc.

i know i've been asked by people if scuba diving
isn't dangerous and what would i do if i 'ran out
of air'. so, i explain to them about that. [the
shark thing comes up, too. = : ) ]

so, i think you're right in that some people's perceptions
of scuba diving is a problem, but i'm still of
the opinion that the responsiblity of making sure
that these people know the level of seriousness
that this recreation holds is in the hands of the
certifying agencies (and shops/instructors) and
i still would maintain (though i could be wrong)
that if someone off the street knew enough about
scuba diving before they get into it, they would
opt to be more serious and careful w/their instruction.

other people, though, just don't like so much
structure in their lives and they do just as well
w/the faster teaching/learning methods that
some agencies offer, but i would think that
these people are in a minority rather than in
the majority.

...kendall's q is most probably multi-faceted w/no
simple answers...

= : )


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