Here's my stab at a translation in redneck

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Posted by Reefraider on November 28, 2000 at 19:24:53:

In Reply to: Here's my stab at a translation posted by Eins on November 25, 2000 at 20:34:44:

Whut in tarnation follers is Babe'fish's unedited translashun. Wif some luck, yo'll git th' meanin'. Be creative. Two hints: hide
divier = scuba divah (in this hyar context! Fry mah hide!), fo'mashun = trainin'

Th' dippin' spo't boomt wo'ld-wide. Howevah in Germenny thar is t'be hide divahs on over one million, as enny fool kin plainly
see. Although accidents in th' dippin' spo't occur relatively mo'e rarely than in other kinds of spo't, th' sequences of dippin'
accidents is offen serious o' daidly. Substantial prerequisites fo' th' security of th' hide divah is physical sueytability, a reliable
equipment as fine as a fine fo'mashun. On account o' at th' beginnin' of of 1999 a team of experts operates on a number of
European stan'ards wif safety-relevant requess to th' fo'mashun in th' dippin' spo't as fine as fo' th' qualificashun of skoo marms
an' providers of services in th' leisure dippin' (Tauchbasen/Clubs etc.). Considerable o'ganizashuns, which offer services in th'
dippin' spo't in Germenny, united togither wif other interested sets in th' wawkin' comitee " dippin' spo't services " of th' DIN, in
o'der t'assoom th' German interests in th' EN WORKING GROUP (CEN = European committee fo' stan'ardizashun). As th'
fust result th' colleckin' main fo' a European draf' stan'ard was adopped now on over th' requess to th' fo'mashun of hide divahs,
t'which sho'tly th' public t'th' statement one submits. Th' wawk on European level proves as mighty discusshun intensive, thar
beside th' diffrunt t'consider already proven instruckshun systems also the dawgoned-est diffrunt dippin' corndishuns in th'
European states is. Th' vahabschiedung of th' colleckin' main kin be regarded tharfo'e as milestone on th' way t'th'
compareebility desuhed of diffrunt dippin' fo'mashun supplies. Th' future draf' stan'ard dexcribes th' requess to th' qualificashuns
of th' divahs in three perfo'mance levels: Basic smarts fo' dippin' unner supervishun, qualificashun t'th' independent divah as fine
as th' qualificashun of a responsible varmint of direcko'/conducko' of a group of dippin'. Th' stan'ard is t'dexcribe substantial
capability chareeckeristics of th' respeckive divah qualificashun an' t'make wif it th' diffrunt fo'mashun supplies mo'e
compareeble. Expressly it was noted thet by th' stan'ardizashun unner enny circumstances th' current course supplies of th'
diffrunt o'ganizashuns an' federashuns is not replaced, cuss it all t' tarnation. Th' fust perfo'mance level dexcribes prackical an'
theo'etical course corntents, which muss be obtained, so thet th' divah unner qualified guidance of an experienced divah up t'a
depph of 12 m kin dip, in compenny of a qualified dippin' skoo marm also t'20m, dawgone it. Th' perfo'mance level "
independent divah " is fo' dippin' wif a dippin' partner of same level of ejoocayshun up t'a recommended maximum depph of
20m qualify. Th' third perfo'mance level dexcribes th' abilities, which a divah muss postess, th' groups of dippin' o'
inexperienced divahs leads, e.g, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells! divahs of th' fust perfo'mance level, ah reckon.

Fo' th' origeenal copy, hoof it to
http://www.din, as enny fool kin plainly

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