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Posted by MHK on November 29, 2000 at 11:24:45:

In Reply to: Re: Clarification about DIR OW manual posted by dirdiver on November 29, 2000 at 10:58:31:

The basic thrust of the book from my discussions with JJ is as follows:

I need to caveat this answer by saying that I have NOT read the book but my impressions are formed from many discussions with JJ about the book..

JJ is trying to convey his love of diving, and his subsequent transformation from a basic open water diver to the demanding dives that he does now on a fairly regular basis.. My understanding is that there will be a fair amount of discussion about exactly how and why DIR is not only applicable to open water diving, but in fact is preferable..

JJ's style is less controversial and more informative than many of us on various NG's and I expect that will come through in this book..

JJ is well aware that many in the dive community perceive DIR as only applicable to technical diving so my sense is that JJ will walk the reader through why what works at 19,000 in a cave at 300' is equally applicable to the avergae recreational diver doing a 60'..

I hope that this book will provide a positive turning point in the message that is getting lost in the flame wars..

It seems clear to me that DIR applies equally to a 60' dive as it does to a 400' dive, but I, along with other's, have been less than totally successful at getting that message across.. JJ is one of those kind of guys that even if you don't agree with his viewpoint he is so well respected and so uninterested in flame wars that many that would otherwise get turned off may well in fact take a fresh look..

In terms of a textbook style my sense is that it will be more literary in nature and I understand that he spends a fair amount of time explaining WHY as opposed to just HOW something is done under DIR principles... I'm sure the workbook that will follow for the OW class will differ, but the underlying foundation will be the same...

In terms of specific gas and discussions of that nature, my sense is that it will give an overview of using the proper gas for the dive and will give detailed and physiological reasons behind the theoretical recommendations...

I'm told the book is approx. 100 pages so I believe it will be fairly detailed inasmuch as I'm personally aware that JJ hopes to use this book as an informational tool respecting the benefits of DIR in a recreational environment...


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