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Posted by Jim Hoffmann on December 11, 2000 at 12:04:12:

In Reply to: While you're at it... posted by seahunt on December 10, 2000 at 20:52:55:

Seahunt, I don't know what you are looking for, a jacket or a BIU, but here are some thoughs on B.C.'s that I have used. The two BIU's I would look at and try out would either be a Plate and Wing combo or a Zeagle Tech.
I have been diving a SS plate and wings for about a year now, it's comfortable, very adpatable, and has the lest failure points. This is like going back to the old backpack systems we dove in the late '60 early 70's. It's a very bare bones and very steamline in the water.
I think the best of the rec BIU's is the Zeagle Tech. I dove one for about 10 years, It is comfortable,tough, and adpatable (the tech uses wraist buckles, instead of velcro cummerbund, the buckles are alot easier in tighten when the wetsuit compress). Zeagle has made the best rec BC's since the early '80's. I think that both of these BIU's will ride better if you use them with the weight integrated system. Both snorkle great, (no chest compression)both will get you high out of water if you surface swim on your back.
If you are looking for a jacket, I think I would try a Scubapro Classic jacket. This BC is tough, easy to snorkel with, and works good with a weight belt (it doesn't ride up on you like all the other jackets do). The Classic, like all jacket style BC's does give you some chest compression(but that's the price you pay with a jacket unit).
If you are looking for a Alternate Inflation Regulator, I think I would buy a Scubapro Air 2.
The Air 2 is the most dependable and the easest to fix of all A.I.R.'s on the market (and has Scubapro's life time parts warranty).
What ever you get, make sure and try it out in the water before you buy it. BC's should be comfortable in the water, that is one of there main funtions. You can't tell that without going into the water with it(if you are in this area I have an indoor heated pool, come and try some of this equipment out).

Good Luck,
Jim Hoffmann
Scuba Toys

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