Re: Did you get to try out one of the backplate BCs?

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Posted by MHK on December 18, 2000 at 09:45:08:

In Reply to: Re: Did you get to try out one of the backplate BCs? posted by AADIVER on December 17, 2000 at 21:30:35:

Frank and anyone else interested,

I have 12 sets of single tank set ups in my garage available for demo, free of charge. I also have 3 sets of bladders for doubles that are also available.

The unique nature of BP's means that once you size the BP you can switch it back and forth between the single tank setup ( A.K.A. as the Pioneer wing ) and the double tank set up ( A.K.A. at the Explorer wing )..

I also understand that Halcyon is running a special in terms of packaging a BP, wings, stealth pack... Contact your authorized Halcyon dealer for pricing...

But that aside, there were several issues that Frank and I agreed upon this weekend that bear repeating.. First and foremost we agreed that many newbies read and garner information from this list and all the more experienced guys need to bear this in mind when we make our comments respecting potentially advanced diving techniques. We also agreed, or maybe better put is that Frank accpeted ;-), that DIR is as much about a mindset and an approach to a dive as it is about a standarized gear configuration..

Frank has invited me to speak at one of his clubs upcomming meetings and I have agreed to attend. I'm not sure of the Ca. wreck diver's attendance policy, so I'll defer to Frank, but as far as I'm concerned all are invited..

We agreed that subsequent to this DIR Demo we'll organize another trip to the Yukon, similiar to the trip we ran about 2 months ago, and I'll provide gear for anyone interested..

And finally I think Frank will agree that perhaps the discussions about the gear configuration do not do the system just service on the various scuba forums as it is much simplier in real life that perhaps we are able to present it on the lists..


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