Re: "Promoting" vs. "Discussing" (Long)

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Posted by Randy on December 30, 2000 at 10:04:12:

In Reply to: "Promoting" vs. "Discussing" posted by Ken Kurtis on December 29, 2000 at 18:40:23:

When is discussing not promoting? I think when, as Frank does, one states that "this is what I do, and I don't advocate it for anyone else" it's fairly clear that person is not trying to talk me into doing something. I may be in a unique postion compared to most here. I learned to dive in 1970, dove for several years, then stoped. I recently started diving again, after going through a basic class, to learn about the new gear and techniques bing used. Sadly disappionted by the lack training these days. During my absents from diving, I participated in many other high risk sports. Jumped out of planes, mountain climbing, rock climbing, white water kyaking and others. In every sport, you have some people who say you can only do it with other people. Solo is a sin. And yet, almost everyone of these people will admit to having gone out alone, or found themselves seperated from their companions. My concern is that if you don't practice handling yourself alone, what do you do, how do you react, if you find yourself alone? The first time I dove solo, I was diving off the Spectre at Anacapa. My partner hadn't showed up, and I couldn't find a buddy on the boat. The first dive spot was one I had dove before, the weather was great, no current, and I made the decission to try going alone, knowing there where 20 other people in the water near me. I also decided that if for any reason I was not at ease, I would abort, and no more. I was hyper concious I was solo, and each time I've gone solo since, not very many times, it's been the same. Yes, I have gotten into trouble, and had to rely on myself to get out of it. For me, instead of making me over confident, the experience left me feeling and knowing just how vunreable I am alone. So why would I do it again? Because I have found myself with partners who I found out were, well, lets say they weren't partners, or reliable. It's easy to say just dive with people you know, and you know you can trust. The problem with that is, we all dive for the first time with someone, and until we make that first dive, we can only go on the impression that person has given. Sometimes, that impression is not accurate. Also, sometimes I have found it's nice to not have to worry about someone else. There are things I do when I dive solo, mainly an attitude change, that I don't do when diving with a partner. If my attitude is set to dive as a buddy, and suddenly my "buddy" decides he/she wants to go it alone, and this has happened to me, I had better be able to handle it. Since this is a long post, I'll touch something else. DIR. I'm not anti DIR. But what may be DIR to you, under the circumstances you dive, may not be DIR for someone else. Also, by its very nature, a closed mind attitude is developed. When you say "this is the right way to do it" no room is left to try new ideas. I used to love living that way. It was simple. But I read something that made me change my mind about that. Herbert Spencer wrote "There is a principle which is a bar agianst all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation." Like Frank, I DO NOT ADVOCATE ANYONE ELSE DIVING SOLO, BUT if I find myself all alone, my buddy having decided to go his/her own way, I want to be able to fully handle the situation, and the best way for ME to do that, is practice under situations I determine are safe for me to dive solo. These include, my attitude, weather and sea conditions, NEVER go out alone, always on a boat with other divers near, checking my equipment extra careful, and having at least one other person check it, and me out, and mostly, be willing to abort for any reason that makes me feel uncomfortable. And I have. This is only for me.

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