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Posted by tleemay on January 05, 2001 at 08:24:09:

In Reply to: Re: The view from here posted by AADIVER on January 04, 2001 at 19:27:27:

Frank wrote:

"Terry, we should all accept the fact that the
future of sport/recreational diving will be deeper
and deeper for a variety of reasons. Therefore,
we should accept the reality that trimix/heliox
is also the future of diving gas for safety. The
immediate problems are of expense and availability,
currently probitive for most of us. Add to that
the cost of trimix certification and the DIR gear
required and the deep future is currently almost out
of reach. The deeper future will evolve slowly, so my
question is: what can I/we do to accelerate the
evolution now?"

The answer is a many parter -

You are correct with the future requiring different
gas mixes for deeper diving. As many already know,
PADI has stepped up to the plate with their HOT-X
program - it just doesn't get much more mainstream
than PADI to the general public.

How can we accellerate the evolution?
Educate the new and current divers out there -
let them know DIR is out there and that it works. Not
just show them, but sit down and explain it. Take
their questions and give them answers. The DIR
club and show demos work the best for this as a
diver can sit face to face with one of the Demo
presenters and rationally in real time discuss
the system and phylosophy.

I have to point out that the typical sport diver
who rarely goes deep - let's say 100' for this
dicussion - has no real need for He mixes, NITROX
should be used to that depth - the 70-100' range.

The gas availibility issue is being dealt with.
WRT to the LA area, Pacific Wilderness is showing a
great interest in providing He mixes. Scuba Toys
in Cypress has been doing so for some time now.
As more and more demand for He comes into the
mainstream, more and more facilities will offer it

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