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Posted by seahunt on January 05, 2001 at 15:42:55:

In Reply to: perspective from the EAST coast (NH to be specific) posted by Green_Manelishi on January 05, 2001 at 14:41:14:

You are either not talking about DIR or or omitting an
important point. If you want to dive a wetsuit and be
DIR, you have to dive an aluminum tank. You can't use
a computer. Aren't these important caveats?

"Perhaps I will never be COMPLETLEY "DIR" but I will be a
much better and safer diver for working toward DIR-standards.
(heck, i remember my first backplate dive ... love
at first feel)"

Many agree with that statement, except the DIR people.
DIR seems fine, it's just that according to the local DIR
people, "anything but pure DIR is no where near DIR and
don't think about even suggesting that it is related to
DIR if it isn't pure".
Yes, many divers are embracing the idea of DIR, but this
discussion has not been about embracing, it is about
worshiping pure DIR.
Many DIR concepts would work fine for me, but we are told
that any modifications of DIR for local conditions (ie no
guages on wrist for hunters, no computers, no steel with
wetsuits) are absolutely not to be considered. This is a
pointed statement and you are welcome to correct me on any
of those three points if I am wrong, but as yet, no one
will so I must assume that this is the case and that makes
your statements questionable.
You are simply not saying the same thing that we are
hearing here. What I have clearly heard is "ALL OR NOTHING".
You are welcome to clarify this. I haven't been able to
and it seems absurd. If I've heard wrong, then DIR just
becomes another dive system of no particular controversy
and certainly fair merit. BUT I REPEAT, that is not what
has been posted here.
I just want answers on those three points. That will clarify
the DIR position for me.
Enjoy, seahunt

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