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Posted by tleemay on January 08, 2001 at 17:14:37:

In Reply to: Re: Why DIR? posted by randy54 on January 08, 2001 at 08:17:57:

Inflator hose type of second regulators add
one more connection point to the inflation
hose - another mechanical connection point,
another set of o rings, another place for sand
and other debris to collect during the dives.

Besides the overall design allowing for more
potential failure points because additional
connection points and o-rings Can you take apart
your Shadow Plus and clean it out underwater?
Usually if those things free flow, it's due to
poor service record, but most always some type
of foreign debris inside the assembly, especially
if you are a regular beach diver.

Of the Shadows I have seen, I believe they reguire
an screwdriver to open them up to clean it out.
The optimum is to have a second regulator stage
you can disassemble underwater should you need to,
to clean out the sand or other much that could
keep the diaphram from not sealing in between
breaths. With the second under you chin in the first
place it is much less likely to be dragged against
the reef or on the sand.

I have owned two AIR2's in the past (gen 3 & 2).
They are even more of an issue because the AIR2
is the inflator hose valve, unlike the Shadow
which is a second atatchment upstream of the
inflator valve. Each has it's problems. The AIR2
does allow you to spin off cap on the inflator
end for cleaning, but you lose all 1st stage
supplied inflation while it's being attended to.
If you cannot clean out the AIR2 or the problem
required you to disconnect the LPIH from the
assembly to save precious breathing media, you
now are relagated to manually inflating the
BC/wing... and depending on what depth you are
at - that could take some precious time and
extended effort.

The Shadow plus is lower profile than an AIR2 or
SeaQuests sive-like equilivent, but it is best
not to have any there, just the simple LPIH with
the fill and dump buttons - anything more just
complicates things and addes more potential failure

Here's another thought - turning your head L to R
to each extreme is rather difficult with such devices
in your mouth. If you are able to easily do that
with it in your mouth, there another problem -
a BC/wing venting hose that's too long (hangs down
below your left nipple) or If you are in a situation
where you need to be venting your BC while breathing
in an upright position, it would be rather awkward
trying to hold the hose dump valve above your head
- while still breathing from it. That would probably
require you to pull it from your mouth, lift it slightly
above your head, and then stick it back into your
mouth while ascending. Of this could be adjusted with
you attitude in the water, like sitting back to the point
your entire head is sufficiently above the highest
point of the dump hose and BC/wing.

With a second bungied around your neck, it is always
there (I know, the same as the LPIH octo), is
easily inspectable and cleanable, will not limit
your ability to vent while still breathing on it,
and it will absolutely never restrict you L to R
extreme head movement. Besides, you could have saved
the $ buy using a regular second and put the $100+
extra into geting a long primary hose and some
bungie ;-).

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