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Posted by seahunt on January 12, 2001 at 12:50:39:

This is to paraphrase what my friend Lem told me about the
last weekend. Some things are missing, but the important
facts are all there. I figured it would amuse.
I was heading out through that open flat you told me about.
I hadn't been down there yet this year.
As I passed, I saw a group of traps together and took a GPS on
It was a nice day at the island, but I ate perhaps a bit too
much, so when the night came and the cold and wind with it,
I was lazy and didn't dive.
When we were coming back, I went by where the traps had been.
The meter showed some structure, so I went down.
It was about 50 feet of vis near the surface. It was less
than 15 at the bottom
There were rocks, but no bugs, as if the traps had gotten
them all, so I headed out across the open sand at about 103
After about 30 yards, I found a ledge with boulders under it.
There were bugs in the boulders. I got a short and 3 nice
legals (min 2 lb). Then I saw an antennae in a hole that went
straight down. I reached in and grabbed the base. I knew it
was big by feel and yanked it out. Sure enough, 8 1/2
pound bug.
I think I'll come back to this spot again soon.
Enjoy, seahunt

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