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Posted by dawhale on January 13, 2001 at 07:56:07:

In Reply to: Is It Just Me...? posted by Rory B. Bellows on January 12, 2001 at 16:57:11:

"We returned to Truth's Vision for another two day trip this past November. It was a similar trip as 6 years ago but this time things were different. The boat's crew and captain were very gruff and unfriendly, we cannot recall ever seeing them smile or interacting with the divers other than pumping tanks. "

I would be curious to know if the regular captain was running the boat . That would be Zack . If not this would not be an excuse for poor service . We dive Truth Aquatics 4 to 5 three and four day trips a year . I usualy make it a point to greet and introduce myself to the crew . I like to visit with them between dives . Remember these people have dove most all the sites you will visit and can offer a load of info related to your needs . Most of the people who work the boats really love the ocean and will share their experience .
Another thing I have found is the group of people you are diving with will affect how welcome you feel on a trip . I think if your club chartered the whole boat you would have a heck of a good time .

Another point may be you dove during lobster season and the boats are running 7 days a week . Once again not an excuse for poor service but the crews are run raggid this time of year .

"The food was very sub-standard compared to other trips we have taken in the area."

Most all dive boats work hard to maintain crew . I have had great to poorly prepared food on all boats at one time or another . If the diving was good it is easyer to overlook mediocre food .

"We should have taken the hint when we saw the crew eating food other than what was being served to the divers for the lunches."

I have seen this happen on a lot of trips also . Remember the crew is working these trips back to back and may have some diatary preference or just tired of tri-tip . If I see the meal will be ham for dinner ( I do not like ham ) I will spear a fish or gather some scallops for dinner . Just need to check with the cook to see if he can accomodate you .

"My latest experience was very poor compared to my first with Truth. I talked to some members of our dive club who have also noticed the same thing with them, but I want to hear from others outside of our little circle."

I would encourage you to e-mail Truth Aquatics and voice your concerns . Poor service should never go unchecked . Likewise I would encourage you to thank the crew at the end of the trip and leave a reasonable tip .

Now the diclaimer . I do not work in the dive industry . I am a full fare paying diver .

My 2 cents , dawhale

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