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Posted by kelphead on January 13, 2001 at 13:15:04:

In Reply to: Re: Selling some DIR gear----> posted by AADIVER on January 13, 2001 at 12:54:23:

but i thought i would correct the perception, at least
according to what i personally heard myself from
mhk--unless things have changed recently.

'halcyon' is a preferred choice of the 'dir' gurus
only b/c this company has catered to the 'dir' leadership
and b/c this company is willing to offer their
equipment to the 'dir' experimenters. so, they
basically have a beneficial relationship going
btwn the 'halcyon' company and the 'dir' leadership.

however, i did hear mhk say that it really doesn't
matter what brand of equipment one uses, just as long
as it conforms to the needs of the 'dir' protocol.
in fact, if my memory serves me right here, i thought
i even heard him say that 'dive rite' backplates were
good. he did mention that he had tried both 'halcyon'
as well as non-'halcyon' backplate/harness gear and
couldn't tell the difference btwn them and that
it came down to personal comfort.

((if you want that 'halcyon' life raft, though, b/c
of its length, you may have to stick to a 'halcyon'

anyway, not to pee on anyone's parade here, but
i thought i would at least mention what i had
heard and what was directly told to me.

((on a personal note, i actually had a backplate
and an sta custom made, so, my hardware is actually
no name brand!!))

= : )


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