Computers: more final words.

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Posted by AADIVER on January 17, 2001 at 08:42:32:

Beginning to understand how DIR dudes dive without computers: they pre-plan their dives in highly specific detail, i.e., depths, time at depths, "mission", etc. Sort of like pre-planning a mountain climb. What I don't understand is how their pre-plan is re-adjusted "on the fly" in an emergency and still stay within NDL's. I personally like to dive serendipitously: a general, non-specific pre-plan, open to alterations "on the fly". To do that requires the use of a computer. It gives me the freedom to alter my dive profile on a whim. That, to me, is the real joy of diving; the joy of unplanned discovery, totally independent of constant mental re-calculations and thumbing through a set of slates scribbled with depth and time stops. Still waiting for answers to a number of DIR questions I've posted, hoping some aspects of the system can be used by us independent types.

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