sealion attack

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Posted by Randy54 on January 21, 2001 at 13:25:06:

At approx. 10am, saturday, 20 divers off the dive boat Spectre were diving on Coral Reef at Anacapa Island. About half way through the dive, a rampaging hoard of about 50 sealions decended upon the hapless divers, in a swirling mass of confusion. The attack was relentless. Several divers, fighting the current hung onto the anchor line. Muffeled screams and laughter could be heard from divers, along with the barking of the sealions. The sealions attacked from above and below, using a variety of manuvers. Barrel rolls, wingovers, staring runs, and snick attackes from behind were repeated over and over. Slowly, as time and air ran low, each divers was forced from the sea. On the surface, the ocean boiled with activity, as those aboard could only watch, knowing what must be happening below, to the other divers. Finaly, with all divers out of air, and back on board, the boat weighed anchor and departed. While other attacks were noted on the next two dives, none was of the magnitude of that first encounter of the morning. Heed this warning! BE prepared! The sealions at Anacapa are on the hunt for divers! (this be why I dive!)

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