Re: I think he answered you just fine.

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Posted by MHK on February 02, 2001 at 16:32:51:

In Reply to: Re: I think he answered you just fine. posted by seahunt on February 02, 2001 at 15:56:39:


Bear in mind I said from hereinafter ( as in prospectively) not what has occured in the past, I would view your posts in a different light...

But as I said, I will back up EVERY single syllable that I have written.. As for the semantics comment, I would agree that you aren't one of the culprits of the semantics debate and I should have presented it differently, my apologies.. But I have noticed an inclination on your part to ask many, many questions in one post and then if I don't answer every single one you take a position of evasiveness.. Which as you suggest, time is more short than money, the same goes both ways... I did, despite your suggestion of evasiveness to the contraty, spend a great deal of time responding to your analysis and I'm disappointed that you see it otherwise... I think any fair minded person who followed our discussions would agree that I put a substantial effort into our dialogue..

But perhaps the easiet, and least time consuming manner, to resolve the conflict is to do the very thing we are debating, which is to demonstrate and dive... After all we are diver's and other than my deep air reservation I will do ANY set of dives that you can imagine and you use the computer and I won't and we'll see... All the bbs debating in the world doesn't substitute for real life diving so that is why I said that if you choose not to take this opportunity I can only assume that you want to debate for the sake of debate as opposed to being demonstrated actual application...

FTR, I reject the notion that 70% of DIR does not apply and you have demonstrated nothing in that regard... There a many of us that dive our waters every single weekend that prove your theory false... Furthermore, your ascertion that it is more costly is, once again, mis-informed.. If you add in the cost of all the worthless crap that most divers wear you'll see that our set up is actually much cheaper.. Off the bat you can save hundreds without a computer ;-), sorry couldn't resist..

But anyway, we are wasting everyone's time going back and forth, I'll be there ANY TIME, ANY DIVE, ANY BOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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