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Posted by MHK on February 05, 2001 at 12:19:01:

In Reply to: Re: An unanswered question:. posted by seahunt on February 05, 2001 at 11:29:04:


When I have the time I'll go back and find your post wherein you specifically asked me if I had the ability to compute sawtooth profiles..

You keep talking about DIR bbeing the new kid on the block, you have all this experience, we duck questions and on and on..

I have spent a great deal of time discussing these matters with you, you either don't understand the answers, or you post numerous follow up's and any number of old-school debating tricks.. When I was in college the oldest trick they taught was to get all your points on record and then leave the opponent with a challenging question in conclusion, in so doing you leave him with less time to respond to your talking points and he is forced to respond to your question..

You do the same thing.. The answers are here if you want them, but you'd rather post long winded thesises and debate minutae.. I came to a point with you in that no matter what I say vis-a-vis the internet you'll not get it or you'll post another hypothetical.. So rather than engage in mere speculation I thought I'd be practical about it and show it in real life as opposed to cyber diving...


It can't be made any clearer than that, I'll spend 2 days on a boat with you answering and demonstrating ANY concern you have, I'll compute any profile you dream up..

But going back and forth isn't getting us anywhere and it's too time consuming..

If you really want to learn, then we are here to show it, if all you want to do is debate I've gone as far as I'm willing to go with you via the internet...


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