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Posted by MHK on February 06, 2001 at 14:54:23:

In Reply to: I think you'll never understand my point posted by Eins on February 06, 2001 at 14:43:56:


It's not verbal warfare inasmuch as it is a frustration.. The facts speak for themselves that when a diver dies while solo diving there isn't anyone around to help... There isn't anything more to it than that.

Mine, and I'm sure Walker feels the same way, feeling is that given the numerous fatalities that occured last year, and the stated rationale of learning from the mistakes of other's, that it stands to reason that the cause of these fatalities is that the person was solo..

Rather than confront that issue you, and other's, would alter the dynamics and say ( for example ) that if a reg failed that it wasn't a solo fatality it was an equipment malfunction.. [ bear in mind I'm just making up facts for purposes of illustration]..

In this case Walker and I would argue that if there were a buddy around they could have shared air.. I can very easily imagine the other side saying well bad regs happen, he knew the risks and it was a equipment malfunction.. We simply see it as a symptom of a dangerous disease.. The level that some go to distance a fatality from the solo genre is frieghtening and speaks to the issue that Walker and I are trying to focus people in on...

Many accidents can be solved before you get into the water, and that is true whether you are DIR or not, but it requires taking a step back, taking a fresh look at your diving habits and seeing what can be done to reduce the risks.. All too many diver's are willing to assume added risks and then compensate for the risks with added gear or convuluted logic.. That may make sense on a NG discussion, but when you have the amount of time that you can hold your breath to save your life you don't need convuluted logic, you need standardized configurations, you need a fresh set of eyes, perhaps a fresh air source, or what have you..

It's the justification of the convulution that get's us frustrated...


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