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Posted by MHK on February 08, 2001 at 17:43:15:

In Reply to: $50 Bucks posted by seahunt on February 08, 2001 at 17:34:38:

First off, should we craft an agreement whereby I submit something over the net I would make the stipulation that my winnings go to the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber.

But my real reservation is that this isn't truely something that should be, nor can it be, adequately explained via a NG.

Your challenge is a red-herring and that needs to be agreed upon up front. I'm not of the opinion that every aspect of diving can/should be taught over the net. Qualified instruction can NOT be replaced with internet discussions and moreover it is much easier to demonstrate the skill vis-a-vis a real life dive which is why I continue to operate under the belief that you merely want to Monday morning quarterback. You asked me if I could do it and I'm telling you that I can. I offered to actually do it rather than discuss debatable points on the NG, but you have steadfastly refused to accept.. In my view that speaks to a reluctance to truely want answers in asmuch as you simply want to craft long winded critics..

I'll consider the matter but I would prefer that we actually get in the water and properly demonstrate the skill.. It's sort of like explaining a mask R & R.. IT's one thing on the net, but it's a whole other thing when your mask get's ripped off while sharing air 2000' back in a cave or 2 levels down in a wreck.. The real life experience is MUCH more important than the potential explaination on a scuba forum...


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