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Posted by MHK on February 13, 2001 at 13:14:37:

In Reply to: Clarifying Misconceptions/Solo (3 of 5) posted by Ken Kurtis on February 13, 2001 at 12:03:16:

Ken, quotation marks or *'s are also used as a emphasis added..

Whether you call it Criteria for Solo or How to, it's the same damn thing and reverts right back to the verbal gymnastics...

I've taken issue with teh cavalier attitude towards solo diving in our area.

Clearly the death toll is adding up surrounding solo fatalities. Clearly many experienced and new divers have posted that they are now reconsidering their solo habits in light of the exposure to the issue..

I think you do a disservice to the debate when you parse words and introduce terms such as *buddyless*..

What strikes me as strange is that in one of your 5 posts you indicate that you agree that Mia became solo when her and Eric agreed to seperate but if I recall correctly you introduced the term buddyless when we discussing the fatality at the oil rigs and the kid decided to spearate from the 3 man team and surfaced alone. Walker and I claimed he was solo, but you and EINS argued that since he went in as a team and they seperated that he wasn't solo he was buddyless..

So by extension of your own arguement, Mia wasn't solo she was buddyless..

And I would argue that anytime, planned or unplanned, buddyless or solo, but anytime you are alone underwater you are solo.. And the funeral director isn't going to care if you were solo, buddyless, or whatever other convoluted definition you want to invent...

Criteria -v- How To, solo -v- buddyless..

These types of lingustic distortion are why you see such a fierce objection on my behalf.. All too many people on this list would rather change a definition than discuss or confront the underlying problems...

We want to discuss the issues not hide behind a dictionary..


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