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Posted by MHK on February 14, 2001 at 10:18:41:

In Reply to: Re: Clarifing Misconceptions/Nitrox (2 of 5) posted by seahunt on February 14, 2001 at 10:05:28:


Assuming you buy into Ken's parsing of language I still say it's nonsense.

FTR, I personally spoke to 2 different people last night who will post in the next day or so that Ken has in fact, on numerous occasions, said what I attributed to him..

You may want to parse words but I have no time for such Clintonism's.

When a new diver asks you about Nitrox, and as an owner of a shop and an instructor for 20+ years, and the new diver is told:

Nitrox will kill you if you breathe it or

you will die if you breathe Nitrox,

No new diver will come away from that conversation splitting tha hairs that you would have us believe Ken intended to be split..

It's a red-herring and your acting like Ken's lapdog because you have a hardon for me..

If Ken was trying to use some form of verbal gymnastics in response to questions fron newbies, I would still ask WHY??????????

But more importantly, Ken stated reason for doing this was to counter act the mis information campaign that the dive industry was promoting...

You can't have it both ways.. Ken was intentionally misleading people because he imagined that the dive industry was spreading mis information.. Ken's anti-Nitrox views are well known and to the extent that he desires to be this industry leader that he lays claim to ( ie; author for Skin Diver, author for CDN, Chairman of Chamber Day, instructor for 20+ years, dive shop owner, etc) that it is simply irresponsible for him to spread these kind of lies and distortions..

For you to *defend* such acts speaks directly to your slipping credibility. You believe that I'm harsh on Ken and you're allowing your perceived position to cloud your judgement.. As I've told you, your bias and partisianship is clearly showing...


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