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Posted by Fire Walker on February 15, 2001 at 09:53:52:

Every morning I rush to my computer to watch the best soap on the net, As The BBS Turns. I can’t wait to find out the unanswer questions of the previous episode.Yesterday we were about to find out :
If Seahunt is the ghost of Mike Nelson Posting from that great computer in the sky.
Is Chris really Kenny G. or maybe Weird Al.
When AAdiver is not posting is he playing Quake 3.
Does MHK have a DIR tatoo on his Right shoulder.
Does Leemay have a DIR tatoo on his Lt. Cheek.
Will Ken Kurtis finally come out of the closet and tell us the true, that he only dives with a buddy , on Nitrox , and uses Trimix for depths greater then 60 ft.
Will Kelphead reappear in following episodes.
Was Johnny Walker really an English Major in College, and what does RAP really mean.
Is Matt the smartest person posting on the BBS(probably).
How did Kendal learn so much about BIG REELS AND HIGH HEELS.
And the Cliff hanger question from the last episode, Did Kevin SORE last night!
What new Cliff hangers will today episode bring, what new twist and turns will the plot take, what new questions will ask and what old questions will be answered? I can hardly wait to click on to next episode of AS THE BBS TURNS.

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