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Posted by brianc on February 20, 2001 at 08:34:25:

In Reply to: now, that's ineteresting... posted by kelphead on February 19, 2001 at 18:23:23:

OS uses a different glue for their coated fabric suits than do other manufacturers for their suits. They do, however, recommend against using silicone spray on the zipper as it can increase the likelihood of snad and grit sticking to the teeth. They specify that the silicone used must be food grade, not the type commonly used for lubing o-rings.

From the Os Systems web site:

OS Systems seals are made to exacting specifications of the finest materials available, but are still subject to
deterioration if not cared for as follows:

Wash the rubber with a mild soap and water solution to remove all contamination from body oil,
pollution, lotions, etc.

Apply silicone to the cleaned rubber. Insure that you are using a food grade silicone grease, oil
or spray

NOTE: Applying silicone to a contaminated seal will only trap the contaminants and accelerate
the deterioration.

Store the suit rolled up, in a bag to minimize the air flow around the seals. This allows the
silicone to protect the rubber longer.

New neck or wrist seals may feel tight or a little restrictive at first but will relax with use. It is possible to pre stretch
your seals by inserting a soda bottle into the neck and/or wrists while soaking the rubber with liquid silicone. This
should make the seals feel more comfortable. Contact your dealer if you still need any additional sizing or trimming.

Zipper Care

While operating the zipper, care should be taken to insure that no dirt or foreign material is trapped at the sealing
surface that could cause a leak or dislodge a tooth. Zipper teeth are to be cleaned regularly using a soft bristle brush
and mild soap.

Lubricate the outside of the teeth using OS Systems Zipper Ease (not paraffin or a MAX WAX
type of product). Do not use silicone spray, grease or oil on the zipper teeth as it will attract and
hold dirt and accelerate wear damage at the rubber's edge.

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