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Posted by Jim Hoffmann on February 20, 2001 at 11:12:27:

Instructor Training Courses are very stressful programs. One of the things I like to do (to relieve some of the stress) is to make the workshops more fun. When I do the equipment workshop I start out by telling the candidates that our Objective, is that by the end of the
workshop the candidate will be able to tell me the funtion, features, and care of a VAU, an ADS, a SPU, an ATRS, a SCTRS,an AGDS,a VMU, an AGDS, a CTRU,a GCV, a MAD, a DPTU,a SLC, and a FMD.
It’s always fun to see who picks up on this first and who is listening. The ones who are not listening I like to ask questions like, “what kind of AGDS do you have or how would you care for a ATRS”? By now I have all of the classes attention. Then I give
them this list and we all have some fun with it. I was thinking that you guys could have some fun with this too and maybe think up some better names then I have.

Visual Acuity Unit (mask)
Atmospheric Delivery System (Snorkel)
Self Propulsion Units (Fins)
Aqueous Thermal Retention System (Wet Suit)
Self contained Thermal Retention System (Dry Suit)
Ambient Gas Delivery System (Regulator)
Volume Modification Unit (BC)
Auxillary Gas Delivery System (Octopus)
Cranial Thermal Retention Unit (Hood)
Gas Containment Vessel (Tank)
Magnetic Alignment Device (Compass)
Digital Pressure Transducer Unit (Dive Computer)
Submersion Level Calculator (Depth Gauge)
Floatation Modification Device (Weight system)

Jim Hoffmann
Scuba Toys
NAUI 5888

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