mike, what part of my post did you not understand?...

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Posted by kelphead on February 20, 2001 at 12:32:27:

In Reply to: Re: w/all due respect... posted by MHK on February 20, 2001 at 12:16:26:

other than perhaps doing ankle calisthenics(sp?),
teach me what the proper skills are for getting
rid of inherent FAT!!!! in my ankles...

btw, i don't NEED the gators, so why are you and
johnny-boy advocating their use--seems like more
gear to purchase, huh? i'm just transferring
the ankle wts from my wetsuit system to my drysuit
system--nothing new added.

btw, adding wt to one's ankles is part of trim,
is it not?? you choose to use the 'jetfins' while
others don't, but adding a measly 1# is not a big
deal. let me do the math for you:

a. 1 pair of 'jetfins' = ~200$
b. 1 pair of 'quattros' + a pair of ankle wts = 100$ + 24$ = 124$

let's say the cost of purchase btwn "a" and "b" are
the same; wt is now similar, if not the same; however, i
don't know if the 'jetfins' would be heavy enough
to counter my inherent bouyancy, and if not, then
i would still need the ankle wts.

also, if one makes one's own ankle wts, one can
make them any wt one desires (ie, 0.5# each).

to each his/her own.


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