JJ's response to the *computing on the fly* issue

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Posted by MHK on February 21, 2001 at 15:03:28:

As I noted in an earlier post, I was with JJ last weekend and requested that he pay particular attention to this issue when he gives his DIR demo next week at Scuba Toys ( I'm still awaiting confirmation as to time ) but I sent him an e-mail asking if he could suggest something in the interim to quell the feeding frenzy surrounding this issue on the NG.

Here's what he sent me..

Tell them the main problem with computers is blind focus on the computer. When used as a learning tool it can be effective but is still unnecessary and creates dependance and ignorance. Most computers are so conservative that they give moderate multilevel benefit and a little common sense blended with practical learning creates better divers. Do the deeper part first and come up to shallower levels. The most important thing is that they learn how to estimate time at various depths which is basically NEVER done by people using computers. Which is more irresponsible creating blind dependance or encouraging educated divers? Divers can be averaged by time at each depth. This awareness creates divers that can finish a dive with a broken computer and are learning how to manage profiles effectively.

When I spoke to him earlier I reminded him that many on this list have concerns in this regard and he promised to address the matter. JJ is MUCH better, and substantially more diplomatic than I am, at explaining these issues. ;-)

Hopefully as many as you can will make the demo, and you'll walk away with a better and more clear understanding of the issue. It really isn't as complicated as some would have you believe...


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