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Posted by Eins on February 21, 2001 at 22:27:52:

In Reply to: Re: Aha! posted by tleemay on February 21, 2001 at 15:26:59:

Thanks, Terry, for your comprehensive explanations and descriptions. Like MHK indicated, it is more about planning and learning some of the milestone parameters and simply applying them on the fly. That sounds fine and I believe it can be done, even with some degree of safety.

Where I differ is in my attitude toward diving in general: while I don't mind doing some "paperwork" beforehand and after, I also like the freedom during the actual dive to enjoy whatever comes up and do as little of the errands (like monitoring the SPG, the course, the dive time/depth and the resulting N-loading) as possible. I used this analogy earlier: when I use my phone while I drive, and I concentrate on one of the two, the other falls short. I don't want that in my diving. I want to concentrate (and enjoy) the actual dive and don't want to waste time for monitoring depth and time in a way to compare to the plan and re-plan on the fly. I would miss too much of my precious dive experience.

I think I'm a computer kind of guy.

BTW, aren't you just as "pixel-minded" toward your bottom timer as I am toward my computer? Or can you sense time and depth? No, just kidding.

Thanks for a factual discussion,


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