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Posted by Richard on February 28, 2001 at 08:48:30:

In Reply to: Re: That's real positive. Sounds like... You're Pussin' Out posted by seahunt on February 27, 2001 at 17:38:26:

Got it clear - again, get over yourself and stick to writing essays. Time to grow up and look at yourself and MHK from the outside. So what if you have gotten e-mail about harrassing the D.I.R. people. That makes you no better than them since you accuse them of harrassing non D.I.R. people. How would harrassing people force them to dive D.I.R.? It's not a good way to get others to see your way, yet they have people investigating and re-thinking their practices regularly. The approach I have seen in person (which it appears is not an experience you can comment or draw a conclusion from) is that they present what they have to offer, discuss the pro and cons and allow the diver to make the decision. I have been following what MHK John Walker and leemay have been bantering about. You all appear to agree to some point that D.I.R. style of diving is safer on most aspects. Yet you call diving without a computer dangerous? Write that letter to PADI and NAUI and listen at how hard they will laugh at you. I've done 10 day trips on the Blackbeards cruises and done as many as 8 dives a day without a computer. What have I not been injured? You all also agree that it's not totally propert to discuss the methodology on the internet that a face to face discussion is the way to go. I read somewhere earlier in your posts where you state that writing things out enables you to more accurately understand or work things out. It sounds like for you to understand it needs to be written down. Right now this whole D.I.R. thing appears to be constantly evolving and being re-evaluated (something else I read by someone here). Without everything being a firm rule, it's best for the items to be discussed and shown in person, just so that there are no mis-understandings or mis-interpetations. Arguing back and forth in writing becomes counter-productive which is where you have dragged this particular computer discussion. Obnozious? I suppose you ment obnoxious, that x key is right next to the z key. Hello kettle, this is the pot - come back. You are the one being obnixious over this computer use issue, not me. Calling someone a liar, politely or not, is still calling them a liar. I have been reading that MHK decided not to write out letter for letter how the D.I.R. people calculate their dive tables in their head due to it possibly being mis-construed. MHK also appears not to have the time to draft the writ citing that it is best described and discussed in person. It sounds like MHK is willing and able to dive with you on some length of a livaboard and prove his non-computer use and match it dive for dive with you the one who says it's dangerous. Why not take up the challenge and supervise MHKs evacuation when he gets bent, or are you afraid he might be right afterall? I hope that there would be a Doppler available and bubble checks are taken after just to see who has a higher count and more at risk following the dives. That comparison would be important data to aid in resolving the argument. And yes I will be driving from Atascadero rain or not. My truck roof doesn't leak, so if it does rain it won't bother me. I hear that most cars and truck with roofs that leak are all the rage now. I just checked the weather channel and they say the weather forcast from Santa Barbara down to San Diego is calling for fair skies with temps in the low 60's. Sopunds like the drive down the 101 will be dry. What was your excuse again?

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