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Posted by MHK on February 28, 2001 at 09:42:27:

In Reply to: The View from the Other Side posted by Ken Kurtis on February 27, 2001 at 23:30:02:

So what.......

It gives some shyshter scumbag ambulance chaser more fodder..

If they want to sue you they'll sue you no matter what, what we are talking about here is if after they decide to sue do they have a chance of winning, and given that NONE of the agencies require a DM to be certified in Nitrox it's a non-starter.

You worry about things that don't exsist, that have a snow balls chance in hell of happening and then use that as a scare tactic...

If you are so worried about these imagined lawsuits then why do you allow solo diving, ansent the required waiver???? Why do you allow Nitrox on your liveaboard trips????

Calling a your friend and him telling you that there is aded fodder means absolutely NOTHING... If it were such a concern why aren't ANY of the agencies worried about it??? Why aren't they taking steps to cure the *problem*???

You inconsistency is mind boggling, they tell you don't solo, but yet you allow it; they tell you if solo sign a waiver, yet you don't require it; they tell you use the standard industry waiver, yet you don't; they tell you it's OK for a non-nitrox certified DM to supervise nitrox dives, but yet you worry about nonsense...

This issue is a waste of everyone's time but I simply wasn't going to let anyone think that there is some issue to be concerned with. ANd Ken we all know that you always provide just enough leading facts to get the answer that you want, so I'll take your friends advice for what it's worth...

As far as I'm concerned the issue is settled:

There is NO worry about nitrox and you're living in fantasy land..


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