HP120 vs. steel 95

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Posted by Chris on March 03, 2001 at 11:08:35:

In Reply to: Steel Tanks - Faber vs. Pressed Steel posted by Eric on March 03, 2001 at 09:06:45:

I have several friends who own steel 95s.
Since I let them use one of my HP120s, they have bought HP120s for themselves, and no longer use their 95s.
The PST HP120 is a much nicer tank, this is why:

At 2640 psi a HP120 holds 93 cubic feet about the same as a steel 95.

At 3000 psi a HP 120 holds 102 cubic feet

And of course at 3500 the HP120 holds 120 cubic feet

The empty weight of a HP120 and steel 95 are identical.

The diameter of the HP120 is smaller, placing its center of mass closer to the center of mass of your body, thereby making it feel much less massive in the water, because of the shorter effective lever arm.

The buoyancy characteristics are simalar, I can dive with either tank without reweighting.

Almost all boats, with a few exceptions now fill to at least 3000 psi, and some such as the Peace and Lois Ann will fill to 3500 psi.

The only disadvantage for some is that a HP tank requires a DIN regulator.
I do not view this as a disadvantage, since the DIN connection is more reliable than a yoke connection, even the DIR wound outs will agree on this point.

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