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Posted by MHK on March 04, 2001 at 17:36:57:

In Reply to: Re: Fabulous Presentation: posted by Chris on March 03, 2001 at 22:13:06:


I don't seem to recall an epidemic of the word *stroke* use on this list.. In fact, Seahunt made that same charge yesterday at the demo, and in my view we go out of our way to NOT use the word stroke, so can you and Seahunt expplain why you are lying about it's use on this list???

We tried to put together an informational demo yesterday and while I noticed that you weren't available I believe just about everyone came away with a more informed understanding of DIR.

But I wanted to take this opportunity to address an issue that you raised. Which is do it *my way or you believe you are a stroke*..

As plainly and as simply without out any abstract theoretical distraction, DIR is at it's core level a system composed of a standardized gear configuration, a unified team concept and many of the other things that we have discussed over and over. It is what it is.. To the extent you change something by simple definition it becomes altered and then is no longer what it is. That premise holds true to anything.

We spend a great deal of time explaining every aspect behind the thought process of why things are done in that very specific reason. Should you choose to alter/change something than all we say is that since you've changed it, it is no longer a dive done under the guise of DIR principles..

I have yet to see you make an arguement as to any change that you propose that adds a safety element to the system. We say, and support, that the DIR system when taken as a whole is applicable to every diver, every condition and every geographic location and we strive for safety and efficency.

Your system, to the extent your diving can be called a system, by your own admission is not applicable to everyone, does NOT put safety first and you yourself do NOT recommend that other's follow your diving habits.

So I ask why then don't you understand the premise of once you reconfigure/modify/alter the system that it simply isn't what we recommend for very specific reasons and that any such alteration may compromise the safety, effeciency and integrity of the system????


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