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Posted by kelphead on March 05, 2001 at 02:45:58:

In Reply to: Sherwood Maximus Regulator posted by HD on March 03, 2001 at 11:17:37:

when i was shopping for a 'sherwood' reg a couple
of years ago, i was actually steered AWAY from
the 'blizzard' and AWAY from the 'maximus' by
two different dive shops (don't know why and
maybe it's not a big deal after all).
i ended up w/the 'oasis'.

if nothing major has changed w/in the past two years,
based on my understanding, the 'maximus', 'blizzard',
and the 'oasis' are practically the same reg
except for a few minor differences.

the 1st stage that all 3 2nd stages use is the same
exact one.

the difference is in the number of teflon coated
parts in the reg: the 'maximus' has the most
number of teflon coated parts; then the 'blizzard';
then the 'oasis'.

the other difference is that the 'maximus' has the
underarm hose and the external adjustable knob.

some people don't like external adjustable knobs,
especially if they are beach diving--sand gets
in, so the argument goes.

finally, the last difference is the price. so,
i would personally suggest that if you want a
'sherwood', think about the features that exist
on the 'maximus' and then think if you really
really want/need them. if not, you may save
a few dollars.

now, recently, i decided to get another reg so
that i can go hogarthian style (put a backup
reg under my chin for easy access and donate
my primary in case buddy needs it).

i followed a recommendation made on this board
by another diver, and i ended up paying for--still
waiting to get it in the mail--a new 'scubapro
mk14/g200balanced' reg that cost me less than what i
paid for my new 'sherwood oasis' reg.

i'm planning on using the 'scubapro' as a primary,
the 'oasis' as my backup reg, and my 'magnum'
is still on my pony bottle.

if you really want the 'maximus', that's fine.

however, i would also suggest you check out
kevin donnelly's inventory at:
(for about the same price [depending on what you
look at], why not consider it?!)

either way, whatever you decide, best wishes.


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