marta, i think you slightly missed my point...

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Posted by kelphead on March 05, 2001 at 11:27:33:

In Reply to: Well, no.... posted by msblucow on March 05, 2001 at 08:09:53:

OTHER 'dir' divers, namely from florida themselves,
have mentioned very recently that 'dir' is actually
"flexible" and open when it comes to other types of
diving styles.

and, from a private e-mail i rec'd from a practicing
'dir' diver, there is some difference btwn the
attitude of west coast and east coast 'dir' divers.

i was just referring to maciek's comment that
'dir' is NOT!! as inflexible as mhk has been making
it out to be (check the post made by maciek). i
was just providing confirming support to his post
based on some recent revelations.

however, i DO indeed agree--and have agreed [see more recent
post made on thursday march 1st:]--that
'dir' is comprised of a lot of common sense, as
the majority of those who are introduced to it
will attest to--especially for the more demanding
diving enrironments.

marta, it's not the message that is at issue here,
it really is about the messengers. thanx!! for
your capable overview, though.

i'm taking what i think will work best for me
and leaving other stuff behind...some 'dir'
divers are going to have a bitch-fit over that,
others won't, but that's their blood pressure rising,
not mine.

= ; )


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