well, based on my experience, with both wide angle and macro+

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Posted by mike on March 06, 2001 at 00:02:37:

In Reply to: kendall, a q for you... posted by kelphead on March 05, 2001 at 16:43:00:

on reefs, in caves, in 153 fsw, and in 10 fsw, i find that when the currents come up or the weather changes while i'm down there, it' nice to be able to handle some current and surge and other nasties that may come up.

The few times i've ever needed good swimming speed for photography have involved keeping up with things like turtles and barracuda, and when those events arise, it's nice to be able to have maximum streamlining (yeah right, while i'm shoving a housed F3 with a 2 foot strobe arm thru the water!) to fight nasty currents (like the kind that push you AWAY from the #@$^%#$ boat) or keep up with fast-swimming subjects juuust long enough to try to get the shot. IMHO, it's just one extra little boost to safety and extra capability if & when needed (like when a 7 foot Calif purple striped jelly shows up off the Eureka platform and you have a wide angle lens and theres a current and you have to swim 100 yards BACK to the rig!).

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