jeeze I hope you decompressed on the way back up

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Posted by RaiderKarl on March 07, 2001 at 10:00:21:

In Reply to: DIR/Computer Use? posted by Steve on March 06, 2001 at 23:48:55:

i agree with the notion that California divers are over-relying on computers, and thats even on a good day when theyre doing it right (no pun intended!) for all intents and purposes a deep dive to 126 feet(') for 31 minutes(") sawtooth or not, is an overhead-obstructed dive, because you cant or shouldnt ascend unabated to the surface without decomp. i hope you planned and executed your decompression stops. i recommend memorizing the Navy NDLs as follows: 60'=60" / 70'=50" / 80'=40" / 90'=30" / 100'=25" [so you were at the NDL for 100' and you exceeded it!] / 110'=20" / 120'=15" / 130'=10" [so you were 1/2 between the NDLs for 120' and 130' which interpolates to 12 minutes max for NO decompression!] this is an easy algorithm to memorize, and if you cannot do the math in your head at depth, then its a sure sign that you are narked, and its time to ascend to 30' at 30'/min max rate and start your emergency decomp, if it was indeed an unplanned emergency. or if you want to be more precise, they make and sell submersible Navy tables. for emergency decomp, I usually ascend to 30' and use 1/3 of my remaining air there, then ascend to 20' and use 1/2 of my remaining air there, then ascent to 10' and use all but about 150 psi of my remaining air there, then surface and swim in with my snorkle, being careful not to overexert and trigger DCS from swimming. once on the boat or shore, it would be time to dig out the repetitive dive tables. plan your dive, dive your plan, bring plenty of air, plan conservatively, plan for contingencies and emergencies. your point is that your computer spared you decomp time and additional surface interval time. that kind of reliance, in my opinion, on a dive computer for deep dives is an experiment with your body. I also hope you contributed to Mike K's Southern California Chamber fund, cause you might need a visit!!! Does chamber time count as bottom time???

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