Re: seahunt's DIRt on the DIR Demo.

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Posted by seahunt on March 07, 2001 at 20:19:46:

In Reply to: Re: seahunt's DIRt on the DIR Demo. posted by no longer seahunt call me BDF on March 06, 2001 at 21:08:53:

Tell me, tell me, tell me do. I'm usually boring. Do you know something
exciting? Cool, I got my own personal gadfly and he wants to play 20
So... what is this closet we have here??? I thought that gays hung out
in closets. Boy, would a revelation like that surprise my wife and a couple of women on the Peace!
You're not going to tell anyone that I peed in my wetsuit are you? That
would really hurt my feelings!
Is it that I'm a space? Big Mystery to everyone.
Is it that I can piss people off? Maybe even boat loads of people?
Huh? That's on my web site. Did you read it there? Maybe about the
time I stayed in a poker game the whole trip back so that Mike Roach
couldn't get an opportunity to yell at me? Or when people were telling
Bill Magee to let me night dive to get rid of me? Well it sounds like
I stepped on your nuts too. Good. I've never tried to win any popularity
contests. I've pissed off a lot of better people than you, on the boats
and off, but I also was quite able to charm them just the same way if
I wanted and I've done that often enough as well.
Maybe you are going to reveal that I'm a crummy diver. Heck, I've
drown 3 or 4 times, even missed the boat back a couple of times and drowned 6 buddies.
What of it? That doesn't make me a bad diver... or whatever.
Ah! You're not going to reveal that I'm a bad hunter, are you? Well
mister smartstuff, you don't know that I first met Freddie in 1974
and blew him off hunting... well that day anyway if not many others.
We messed with each other longer than I think you know. As far as
hunting, I do just fine thank you.
By the way, if you want to call me a jerk in the same sentence as
you mention Freddie, be careful about the echo. He sure wouldn't
want to be left out of that description.
So what other closets can I find if I look around here?
Maybe you figure that I am an unloved lonely loser who can't dive and
everyone hates. Now that's a closet for you. Na. I've been lucky
enough to meet a lot of far out people that know fine where I'm
coming from. That's why they tell me their stories. Others simply
respect me. My diving has blessed my life.
See, the closet I come from that is a problem for you is that I'm
smart and I think. I'm so into it that thoughts leak out and it
hurts people like you. People with any intelligence recognize that
the reason I'm a space cadet is that I am made for solving the big
problems and it takes all my conciousness. They know that I may
fail or I may come up with important original ideas and if I do
learn something new, I will teach it to others. They know that
somebody's gotta explore and many wish me well. They know that I
may well effect the future. Dummies like you can't even start to
comprehend what I try to do. Want a lesson in human genetics,
read my web site. Studying human genetics is just a hobby for
Do you think BDF is original? You're too stupid to understand
what it means in reality. You're the kind of twit that would
call someone a Nimrod because it sounds silly, yet you would
never know what a high complement that name really means. You
just know its sound. Same with BDF. Same with 'Big Dummy' and
'Galoot', names I've picked up elsewhere. They all mean the
same thing, but with some minor differences to different people.
They are an insult to stupid people, but smarter people than
you realize there is more meaning.
'Big' refers to my smile and personality as much as anything. But it also
means too big for the likes of you. Meaning too big to mess
with no matter how bad you might want to.
'Dummy' means either too smart for you to comprehend (your case) or
too smart for my own good (to most people). No one with any brains
mistakes me for stupid. You're welcome to.
So Richard, were you actually on a Wednesday trip on the Peace or
are you just parroting what some fan of mine told you? That was
some incredible diving and some incredible divers. If I left
such a great impression on you, please tell me about it.
Right now you bore me. So little Richard puppy, if you can't do
more than yap at me, be silent. If you think you can embarass me,
that's fine though I do try to take care of that job myself. I
really just expect you to amuse me. If you want to just keep
yapping at me, I'll remove the posts under the name calling rule.
So, speak, yah, be a good little doggy and speak...
Enjoy, seahunt

If any one wonders what this is about, I get real excited when I go
diving and if I am having a fun time I am electric and everyone has
fun. If I am sniveling because there are newbies aboard and we can't
go where I want (or some other reason), well there are going to be annoyed people. Another
thing that can set people on edge and piss off stupid people is that
I always have a lot going on in the back of my mind so I space. You
can be talking to me and look me in the eye and I can suddenly space
a trip out to Jupiter, make two orbits and come back for a soft
landing, in the space of a couple of words. I really give little
sign of what I'm doing, but it's easy to spot and after a few times,
it's easy to recognize. If you're stupid or too unimaginative, it
will really get on your nerves. Otherwise, most people find it amusing.

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