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Posted by MHK on March 08, 2001 at 09:19:44:

In Reply to: Thanks for this post Eins... posted by R Bear on March 08, 2001 at 08:25:23:

That's a big difference..... Which I have pointed out on many occasions..... But one that is also lost on most of the diver's on this list..

We are talking OPEN OCEAN here NOT caves. I've already put a post out explaning the differences why steels with wetsuits in caves isn't the worst thing in the world, but in the open ocean it's a receipe for disaster.

THe implication was clear to me that by taking the extra step to indicate that you were trained by a WKPP team member that there was in fact a tacit endorsement. Since it seemed clear to me that JJ and Carmichael didn't sign off on this position but other's seem to claim there was some waffling, and since it appeared that there was a point of view that you were offering based in part by your training of a wkpp team memeber, I just figured I would eliminate the speculation and call George directly.

His response, which I see he copied you on, is as follows: ( cleaned up so Chris won't delete it )

Did you write this bullls**t? Let's make something clear. JJ in no way said any of this, you were not trained by any WKPP diver who told you any of this crap, you have nothing to do with the WKPP and to imply that you do while putting out bulls**t like this is inexcusable. You do not dive with the WKPP or anything anywhere near the WKPP, and you never will.

Michael Kane, can you put his on that list so that people do not think anything this stupid came from us.

Ron, since it seems clear that you are going to be a presence on this list, and I understand that you live in Florida, may I offer you a piece of advice??

Every time I post something that relates to cave diving, I'm told by your new found friends that we live in Calif., this is a Calif. list and since we don't have caves the points are irrelevant..

If you were talking about steel tanks in caves you should have posted that, because as I'm sure you know, the protocols are different in caves than in the open ocean.. Some on this list only want to hear what they want to hear so when you post that you were trained by a wkpp memeber and you endorse steel tanks with wetsuits, it was clear that many wanted to jump on that bandwagon and aren't sophisticated enough to distinguish between the caves and open ocean.

The other thing that you may want to be careful, Seahunt seemed inordinatley upset that JJ didn't have significant Calif. diving experience, and thus his message may not have been applicable, you may want to be careful because you live 3000 miles away your advice may get discounted, as did JJ's..


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