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Posted by kelphead on March 14, 2001 at 11:16:10:

In Reply to: I think you could... posted by Dimitrios on March 13, 2001 at 23:59:28:

though i love seafood just as much as the next person,
and have been eating it all my life and way before
its popularity starting soaring w/in the mainstream,
i have to confess that i'm trying hard to stick
to 'kosher' seafood: the kind that are still
relatively abundant.

i'm personally trying very hard to avoid such
seafood as shrimp, chilean sea bass, shark, and atlantic
salmon, and i really really REALLY wish and hope
that others will also become enlightened enough
to stay away from certain species, until their
numbers come back.

i know for example that there ARE some chefs
nationwide who have joined together and have
agreed NOT to prepare/sell certain threatened
species in their own restaurants.

as w/every other industry, one has to affect
the wallets and pursestrings of those in power
in order to get them to listen and follow suit.

i have NO DOUBT what can be acheived by those
of us who band together and really seriously
consider what we buy and what we order. if
we can also educate others on a one-on-one
basis, that can only help in a small way
(ie, did you know that for every 1# of shrimp
harvested, ~8#'s of other sealife are killed??!!
in effect, it's a tragic and potentially
devastating waste.)

here are a couple of websites for those who
are interested:

please please please, if you love to eat seafood
and you love to enjoy the scenic underworld,
check out these links.


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