some dive computers have 'continuous decomp' features for deep dives

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Posted by RaiderKarl on March 21, 2001 at 15:15:51:

I was noticing while using the simulation mode of my Suunto Vyper dive computer, as suggested by "Eins," that this dive computer gives "continuous credit" for decompression during all aspects of the final ascent from depth.

The way this dive computer works, is that it gives you a display telling you when your dive has become a decomp dive, and it then displays the depth of the first ceiling that you must stop at, and the amount of time that you must stay there. Then, as you ascend, this time limit will increase or decrease depending on your rate of ascent, and whether you stop for any multilevel diving in between.

I am still playing with this simul mode to become more familiar with this 'continuous decomp' feature. I do not yet know if a "deep stop" at one-half the attained max depth gives decomp credit. I do know that a continuous slow ascent does give decomp credit, which "Eins" had pointed out to me. I also have not yet had a chance to compare the decomp algorithm of the dive computer to the Navy/NOAA decomp tables yet.

I will post subsequent to this message when I have run those simulations and gotten more information based on the simul and my data from my actual deep dive last weekend using the dive computer.

If the dive computer treats a deep stop as a multi-level dive and adds to the decomp requirement, then we know that Mike K. is right and that NO computer gives credit for deep stops. If however the dive computer gives additional decomp credit at the deep stop, then we know that at least Suunto has programmed their dive computers WITH the deep stop feature.

"Eins" you can go ahead and figure this out for yourself too. Do a simul for a deep dive to, say, 180 feet, stay there about 15 minutes or so, then ascend to 90 feet, and stop there, and see what happens to your deco ceiling depth and your deco/ascent time, DUDE! I was too busy running my own dive as a simul to do this hypothetical. It takes time, because the Suunto requires almost real time for the feature to work. And sometimes it slows down when its microchip is loaded with calculations!

Thank you for suggesting this feature of the Suunto to me, Eins.

Thank you, Mike K., for explaining deep stops and how most if not all dive computers dont take them into account properly.

/s/ RaiderKarl
NAUI OW1 '75, SSI AOW & Rescue '00, PADI DMC '01

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