As The BBS Turns (Soap Digest)

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Posted by Firewalker on April 05, 2001 at 15:10:01:

Back by popular demand......(Kelphead). Here is Firewalker’s Soap Digest. It’s been over a month since the last report on “As The BBS Turns”. In the last episode we had the prophet from the East the great JJ coming to So. Cal. to preach the gospel of DIR.
Many of the cast of “ As The BBS Turns” were at the gaya Demo. We saw JMR, Mattschechter, JW, Msblucow, GS, Tleemay, and yes Mr. Huntfields and Mr. McKane were there (this reporter over heard JJ say something about farm animals but I don’t know who he was talking about). After this Love feast at Scuba Toys the characters on the BBS have been very N...I...C...E to each other(we did have a little action between
Weird Al and JW but those post mystery disappeared). Will this last ? This reporter thinks it will last till Chamber Day , but all bets are off after that. Some new characters were introduced over the last month names like Anonymous, Anonymous Too, Anonymous Three, and someone called Slughunter. We also had Pope John Paul III
remind McKane about Lent? Kevin told us about how heavy his torpedo launcher was?
Members of the cast reported seeing Nessie swimming along the Front side of Catalina on Sunday this week. Pictures were taken by members of the Korean Dive Club (These pictures were taken before 39 Koreans with spear guns jump in the water and speared what turned out to be a 6 FT. Blue Shark, After eating the Shark, many of the Korean said it tasted like chicken.
And now the rumor mill: Will the The Aquarium of the Pacific (looking for more customers) have a wet t-shirt contest in the Blue Cavern tank( no wet suits allowed). Will NOW want a wet speedo contest for the guys in the topical tank. Will the first of these
contest be held on Chamber Night. Will Kelphead and Msblucow be among the contestant in the Blue Cavern Tank . Will Ken Kurtis, McKane, Mr. Huntfield, and Tleemay put on their speedo’s in the Topical Tank (God I hope not)! Will the Aquarium
of the Pacific and next years Chamber Day advertising campaign have something to do with Wet Dreams. Who knows! We well just have to wait and see. So say tuned for continuing episodes of “As The BBS Turns”.

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